Sound Card?

Hello all,

It’s my first post on the Renoise boards so sorry if there has been a top about this already. I just started using Renoise and my computer is not ASIO compatible and i have no line-in for recording live (which I would like to start doing). I was wondering if any of you could suggest a good sound card to use with Renoise.

Thank you!

it all about yours interests
for example
i use renoise not for makeing songs completely
but even in live performances where i connect 4 instruments and midi keyboard
and puts them to tracks with effects
so my card uses 4 inputs and one stereo output
ofcouse there are lots of softwere that can do it
but renoise for my its like religion

so my card presonus firebox, works great
just for single recordings search sound card with less inputs and outputs
more money yuo can spend - better card yuo get

regarding ASIO:

you should write more about it, i can only guess what would be good for you. if you demand JUST good ADAC, line out&line in, go for esi julia.