Sound Editing Basics

Ok, so I know how to enter my songs into renoise and all the basics, but I’m not very experienced when it comes to the final mix. Anyone have any good tips other than “Don’t let any of the levels get over 0 dB”? (I already know that one!) What are specific, generally accepted guidelines for making drums, bass, guitar, vocals, and the whole mix sound professional?

Try to get your mixing environment to the point where what you think you’re hearing is what other people will be hearing. This usually involves some decent monitors and possibly some acoustic treatment (if your space requires it).

After that, it’s mostly down to your ears.

One tip: if you want some thing to shine through it’s better to subtract frequencies from other sounds than it is to add frequencies to the sound you want to hear. This is especially true at the low end.

Start with this:

Then pick a song from a famous artist that shares the ambience of your current song and start cross-comparing -> A/B mixing (meaning, try to get the bass-line sound like the other song, the lead-track, etc.)
edit: Also try to use the algorithmix TT dynamic range meter to watch your RMX on the master level
(It’s free )

I have a song with an acoustic guitar and the low notes on this guitar are coming out too loud and the higher ones not loud enough. I have tried EQ-ing it and trying to turn down the lower frequencies, but that just makes the low notes sound “woofy”. Any suggestions?

Is the guitar played / recorded manually?
Tried to raise the higher frequencies instead of lowering the low frequencies instead?
Another solution to this problem might be to use a compressor instead of EQ-ing. But compressing can take out the power of the sound unfortunately…

I also liked that classic video here:
Altough it’s quite weird and so very, very 90s :P , it’s still quite informative concerning the basics… :D

i cant find a DL link for this??

You need to sign up for it and promise that you won’t use the DRM plugin to crank up the RMX of your complete output.
I guess of us will sign for that…