Sound Of Goodbye (sunmix)

totally sunmixed perpetuous dreamer - the sound of goodbye
pure renoise of course :)

sound of goodbye (sunmix)

comments welcome as always.

hey ! i changed load of stuff, it sounds much more polished now ! :drummer:
same url of course.

Sounds great to me. Some distorted clipped sounds around 2:05-2:30, and maybe a bit of excess with reverb in that background pad (or whatever it is)… but in general, it seems that you really enjoyed a lot mixing this song.

wayhay ! this second version certainly makes it sparkle… i can tell you added a LOT. it’s hard to remix this one i guess because the original is that great. none the less, good job. shivers

indeed there was too much reverb, i removed it all, much better.

the hardest part is to sync the voice, after that everything just sorta flows :drummer:

I’ve been comparing the original version and I prefer yours, indeed! :D