Sound Quality

ok another question. I am wondering if it is my imagination or if it’s psychological or what, but I think that renoise sounds better than Ableton Live.? I know Logic sounds better than Live though I don’t know why, I think it has something to do with handling of bits etc… I would expect that when it comes to samples since Live chops it up to perform Live’s special blend of magic on it, allowing us to do what we like to do in Live. But I’m comparing the same vsts and the same vst patches for the same instruments, and it seems to sound better in Renoise. I adjusted for the differences in volume. Also, it seems that midi levels are diferent in Renoise vs Live…I think I read that Renoise is percent rather than 1 to 127 or whatever. So I tried to adjust for that too.

So while they are different sounding, I’m trying to figure out if it’s actually better or if it’s because I created the tune first in Renoise. But, if I’m not imagining it, it’s clearer in Renoise that Live, and I’m talking about vsts, not even talking about samples.

Is this a known fact or…?

oh yeah, and one other thing. related to sound quality but different…have other people experienced that they listen more carefully when using Renoise? I think that I listen more carefully, maybe because the UI is more basic, cooler, I don’t know, but I think I might pay attention to it a lot less…like as if I were to close my eyes a lot more. End result, I pay more attention to how stuff sounds.

Has anyone else noticed that?

There are no real enhancements applied to the sound other than dithering.
So there is no aliassing appearing on the output.
But else i don’t know what kind of processing these other apps perform.

regardless, it’s nice of you to post that renoise sounds better than live. that’s a nice thing to type and to read. you are nice.