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What is this general consensus of the renoise eq…I read that one should use really good ones…I find it works fine, yet I am quite new at programming electronic music so maybe I don’t know. I also compare my music to house tracks I like and I notice the kick drums, percussion sound tighter…not in terms of rhythm but in terms of sound…I don’t know how to describe it…the kicks sound a little shorter…maybe it sounds more compressed…I don’t know…just a little better…not much but it has that something extra. I am using the 909 renoise kit, should I use other samples or process my beats in a certain way? Forgive my extensive use of full stops as I am just typing as it comes. Thx for any insight.

Actually it has nothing to do with EQ-s quality but ability to use different effects such as EQs, compressors, distortions, tube amps, filters etc, etc. With these things you have to “shape” the sound that you desire out of your dry sample.

You cant just load dry 909 kick into track and expect it to sound like in some house tune.

I dont know what do you exactly mean by “tightness” but if you are after that smacking type of sound then here is a small example The first kick is unprocessed dry sample and the second one is the same sample, but with some effects applied to it.

what i did is that i put it through tube amp plugin, EQ-d it little bit (cut extreme lows and boostet little of mid range) and compressed just a little.

Actually tube amps are my “secret weapon” :) when i want to make smacky tight kick out of dull dry 909 or similar kick.

The Renoise EQ’s are OK-ish, but not the best you can get. I currently like the EQ’s by DDMF.

beatsbeatsbeats: what you describe is a general lack of of understanding with how dance producers mix and master their songs. And that’s OK! - It takes ages to develop that craft outside of writing good music and beats. Having good monitors, a good listening environment, experience with mixing for big systems, and a love and devotion for sound control will help you along the way, so stick at it ;)

If you like I can have a quick look at your mixes for you and perhaps give some pointers as to what you can improve? Just give me a PM ;)

O my god you guys are the best! Thank you so much for your help! You guys have given me so much useful info! I knew I couldn’t just load the track dry…I just didn’t know what type of processing I would apply to drums. I come from a an electric guitar background! Seriously, much appreciation to everyone posting.


Why didn’t the word gating never popped out of someone’s head… i guess ByteSmasher is on holiday…

For me, compression’s the key to that sound, and while the difference between s/w EQ’s (e.g. comparing Renoise’s EQ to Sony Oxford’s) isn’t vast, I’ve never found two software compressors which really sound the same.

Multiband compression’s a bit of a nightmare to get your head around at first, but it’s probably the easiest way to get that tight/produced sound… When I was just using an Atari and an Ensoniq sampler, I didn’t really have anything other than 4-bands of desk EQ, but chucking the whole mix through a Finalizer would give it this tightness, sheen and balance which made it sound like it had come out of a big studio…

These days I don’t touch it, but it got me a long way back then… Now you’ve got unlimited processing, you can do a lot on individual channels, and processing on Groups (Sends in Renoise) - you can send your drum channels to a Send track and do further dynamics processing and EQ there; you can do it with synth parts; bass and bass drum; etc. That’s where I prefer to tighten things up these days… Ideally, not have anything on the Master - apart from an analyzer sometimes.

Any specific plugin? Or it is too secret? :)

No, its not secret :) i used “amplitube” there :)

Pheww… I was afraid you will have to kill me… :)