Sound Quality

Hello guys
my problem is that i can’t be objective when it comes to MY music and also i’m a shitty mixer.i put all my love/energy in the making process and when it comes to mixing i just wanna get it over and start a new track(oh, cmon u all know what i mean)

anyone who has 3 spare minutes i’d like to borrow your ears and your guru status and get some advice on the sound quality of my track.

the reason i’m posting this on the “Tips” section instead of “Song”:

  1. i’m lookin for soundwise comments,not about the track itself(if the melody is catchy,etc)
  2. other people who may find their sound is similar might gain somethin from this(ie “Tips”)

please download and leave a’s only a 1.13MB, 1:15min excerpt so it shouldn’t take much of your time/bandwidth/attention spam

here it is tsimey-senticarou

i’m mostly interested in comments on the low end/drums.maybe i should tell you a few things about what i did:kik,snare and hihats at individual tracks
kik:eq hole at 250hz,roll of under 20hz,heavy ratio compression
snare:roll of 100hz(maybe more) and bellow,heavy compression
bass:roll of 100hz and bellow,maybe boosted something,may rolled of above2000hz,mild comp
master:ratio: 1.1:1 thres:-60,maximizer, eq cut at 1900hz and above(maybe more than 19khz),maximizer



ps. this post wouldn’t have been made without Choice’s help

hi, catchy melody!

no, but srsly… i can’t access that page. i think only the account holder can access it via that link. you need a “public” link.


is it possible that i love and hate the internet at the same time?

What he says…

Notice you already posted a new link.
Yes the internet is not what you always expect from it [s] :P

[/s]Regarding the drums: the snare sounds dull compared to the clearity of the other percussion elements.
Also some of the subtile percussion elements are a bit too much appearing instead of being subtile… but that last thing is just my opinion.
The Art of Mixing

I wish they had a imaging programing like this in renoise
edit: This is the best tutorial I had so far in my life. Great for noobs

I’m at work so I can’t listen at the moment but I will this evening. I happen to LOVE the production side of things! If you’d like some help with the actual mixing (even just to see what someone else would do with it) I’ll happily do my best.

You can contact me at: holder dot arnie at gmail dot com

EDIT: Whoah… just realized the first post was from a while back duh. :P