Soundcard Issues.


Bought another computer some time ago to use as a server and i had an m-audio delta lying around so i though i would just use it. However when i got it installed i couldnt find/see a record(software, yes i found the hardware one) input. It wouldnt show in the standard windows/controlpanel interface; nor could i choose it in wavelab as an in device. I said F*ck it and my mind convinced me i didnt need it cuz i was only installing it to use for playback(yes, im mental). Then this day came and i had to go an install a terratec phase 28** wich i sold to a friend of mine; guess what, we experienced the same shitty problem. I think i used 4 hours not getting anywhere. Let me summarize.

  • Asio refuses to show in controlpanel/sound, nor does it show any devices except one(i believe this is some standard wmv-something output); it should be showing 10 different for the terratec.
  • Renoise refuses to use the asio unless you actually activate directsound first then flip back to asio; if you dont it just shows a not found error message. Wierd huh.
  • Wavelab refuses to record when asio is selected as playback output, that is; the record section in the wavelab config turns grey when asio in playback is selected.
  • We even removed some ac97 strappings and told the bios to terminate all lifesigns.

I’ve duked this soundcard issue for too long now and my brain is transforming into white cooling lube, so if anyone got any good pointers dont be shy.

**he’s not very rich

The only thing i know about Terratect ASIO configuring is that Terratec uses it’s own GUI for configuring Asio, you won’t find it in any of the Native Windows configuration elements.
Usually if you installed a terratec product, it also installed it’s own control-panel.
If it didn’t added this application into the startup sequence, try to locate it in it’s folder in the “All programs” section (under terratec).
Or else just use explorer to browse it in the Program Files folder.

It should show a tray icon displaying set of speakers/monitors.

Thats the first thing we attacked, everything seems to work fine in the control panel itself but its windows who has the problem. I’ve also learned today that there are more people having this issue.

Its a serious problem for people buying this card and wanting to use it for recording your own output, if you f.ex want to sing on your renoise tracks and record at the same time; wavelab wont be able to even execute record(comes up with the sample frequency not supported, are you sure you even have a soundcard?). That is, if your using asio. You can always just use direct sound on both but then you wont be able to use multiple outputs via renoise. The thing is i have the issue also on my m-audio card, however i used this card on my main computer before and i didnt have this problem. So there must be a solution.

We’re gonna fiddle a tad more and see if we can conjure some fix up, ill let u know either way.