Soundcard On Pci-express

Hi there,

Last week my motherboard died. I still had warranty so I got a new one. But they couldn’t get me the “old” one so they gave me the newest on the market. Problem is that I now have only 2 normal PCI slots and 5 PCI Express slots (two 16x, two 1x and one 2x).

For a long time I wanted to buy a new (semi) professional audio card,
but as I already have my two PCI slots in use (TV-card and a Quatro HardSID soundcard) there is no space for another.

Bottom-line-question, is there already a good quality soundcard for PCI Express ??

Thanks in advance,


A professional PCI-E card doesn’t exist yet… Maybe you could consider a firewire card.

Here is a very nice one (fireface 800)


Man- I know you don’t mean to tell us that TV is more important than music :angry:

Get rid of that thing and put your sound card in dude!!


But yeah- motu makes pci-e cards……is-now-shipping

Then you could watch your tv with a stupid dope sound system. :lol:

He means that music making with serious hardware is more important than using his old trusted PCI audio gear.

Btw, Motu doesn’t show any pricetag for the full ware anywhere, they only show upgrade prices which mean you have to buy an older product first and then by the PCI-e card.

Never mind, the whole set (with the DAW rack) is approx. 1000 bucks.

Thanks for the info :)

Still cheaper than a RME fireface…

Maybe a USB audio device is a good option. Lot’s of choice.

USB, i wouldn’t even dare betting on the slow USB port (unless they are going to create an external 4-lane PCI-e bus in the same fashion as USB)

yeah- I’m not too keen on USB- I always have had alot of issues with it. I just stick to firewire, pci or pcmcia.

I’ve had less trouble with ‘mid-end’ USB soundcards than Firewire soundcards. (think of M-audio or digidesign M-box)

I’ve your aiming at high-end equipment, you should stick to Firewire, Pci, etc. USB is not suited for that purpose (your right about that) I don’t even think there are any high-end USB soundcards on the market. I currently own a RME fireface 800 and it rocks.

Thanks to all for the information.
Now I have something to look at.
But maybe I have to wait a year or less.
So PCI-e products become more ‘popular’ and I have more choice of brands, etc.