Soundcard Problems?

Hey guys, sometimes when using the filter I get these noises like if something plugs in.

I was troubled wether it was just my computer or if it was hearable for everybody so i’ve made an example where it appears(with my settings)

It’s variating when the plugging sound appears, but mostly it’s at about 10 and 12 secs.

Ps. if it’s only hearable on my computer then it might not be that big a problem since everybody else won’t hear it ;)

Do you mean the light crackling noises? That sounds like distortion for me, like something is clipping the audio signal somehow/somewhere.

Hmm, might be the same - At the end it’s a bit distorted probably because of the Hats, but d’you also hear the short clipping noise?

I think around 0:12 the Bassdrum starts to clip maybe?

Yeah might be - but you only hear it at about 0:12?

No, I hear it from 0:12 until the end.

Okay, but if you don’t hear anything before 0:12 then it might be my soundcard and after 0:12 I might be able to make clean in da mix ;)

Thanks for the help elmex :)