Soundcard Question

My situation is this: at the moment I can’t afford to buy a new computer (preferably a lap-top) and I need a new soundcard so I can record other stuff than my keyboard via MIDI (ie. saxophone, guitar).
Apart from asking what would be a good soundcard with MIDI I/O and all other stuff I’d need, I wonder if there are soundcards (external?) that work with both laptop and desktop computers?
I don’t know how essential is it, but I’m on a Linux Ubuntu system right now.

I would love it if I could work with recording on my old desktop computer until I might buy a laptop.

Everything from M-audio is great. Firewire is also preferable

M-Audio + Firewire = bad, at least reading what some users have written on this board

I just upgraded my firewire audiophile, and - YAY, now I can both record and playback at the same time, something that previously wasn’t possible (I used a PMCCIA firewire card with a proper chipset instead, this could also be a workaround of sorts)

Seriously, the new upgrade seems to be working very well



Sad to hear :unsure: never had a problem, and my experience is that interfaces via Firewire works better than via USB.

though never buy an Alesis IO2 thats for sure.

i have an Edirol UA-101, its really nice, works perfectly.

Yeah the joke is alright, but i doubt those that still live today knowing about the Creative VS Gravis free SDK wars are either dementing or will die real soon. (scene-nerds grow older faster, a primary fact)

i second that - though it works best in conjunction with a mixer

I’ve been looking at this EMU 1212M V2, EMU 0404 and Edirol UA101 now.
The Edirol looks like a dream, but the price is a tad above my budget (around 200� tops). A couple of inputs i/o and midi would be the basic requirements and that has like, EVERYTHING, maybe even more than I need for my amateur use.

Both the EMU’s look more like my kinda thing, the 0404 even more. Anyone have any good/bad experiences with these? Anyone recommend something even remotely similar to that? All I need to do with it now is just be able to record saxophone, guitar and misc. noise with a mic and preferably midi in, but I already have the midi handled atm.
I’m assuming that something like the 0404 and all other desktop soundcards don’t work on a laptop?

The ESI Quatafire 610 would be fine too but again, it’s a little too expensive.

Oh and it says on all the official websites and store websites that they’re MAC and Windows compatible, but surely I’ll have no problem running them on Linux?

Works efficiently with 6550 Dual Core CPU on an Asus P5K mainboard with 4GBs of ram. No problem here.