Soundcard Upgrade Needed

im thinking on upgrading my soundcard,right now im using a audiophile 2496

im thinking on getting one of these instead

anyone here use one of these with renoise??

I haven’t used the same as the one you mentioned, I used a 1820m for a while, but as far as I can tell the Emu soundcards are really awesome!

The DAC converters are of really high quality, and the DSP effects can save you quite some CPU power if you utilize those effects.

Worthy as a 2496 follow up? Yes, but I would choose for an Emu with breakout box… but perhaps that’s just personal preference ;)

I would say, stay away from EMU, M-audio (firewire) and Edirol. All my friends who have sound cards from those manufactures, are terrible dissatisfied. But it is just my point of view.

my edirol ua101 is awesome - no problems here

Got one, honest for its price. No more no less.

Sure, but first find another brand that produce soundcards in that price range with better products.

True. But still. You get what you pay for.

thanx for you suggestions

Well on the first view I do not see that the 1212m is an upgrade compared to the 2496. Except the effects and adats there is nothing special. What features do you want?
I also use the 2496, and I think the recording quality is excellent.

Sorry for a bit of hijacking…

I’m also thinking of getting a new soundcard and was thinking
of getting a Tascam US-144. Does anyone have any good/bad
experiences with this machine?

well, i have a problem with this card, it sometimes give much more latency than it shows, but when i hit “reinitialize” everything back to previous state. I try to use older drivers, but generaly its ok. But remember that he can operate only in 24bits

Thanks dude! I now use the Tascam US-122 and it’s been serving me well,
except I want one step up especially regarding latency. Cheers for the info!

im not shure where is the gain, the diference betwen these two cards is that the 144 have digital output, im not shure, but i think the guts are the same. Latency is caused by 24bits bus + usb interface i guess, but im just a noob.

btw, does enyone can tell me something about esi maya 44 usb (need for 2 outputs) or similar around 100 bucks

True, guts are almost identical, but US-series is a solid as a rock, almost unbreakable and hence
great for taking on gigs. The price-range and trust in Tascam made me curious about the 144.
Perhaps firewire is the way to go, but I have the idea that firewire is a bit overrated… maybe I should
wait for USB 3.0…

Firewire > USB.

Avoid USB soundcards AT ALL COSTS!! I’m hating my current one!

Except a lot of laptop have issues with firewire soundcards due to the chipset used.


i’ve been using MOTU’s traveler for 2-3 years now. solid as a rock.
a bit expensive, but I think they now have released a couple of mini versions of this, with the exact same converters and preamps.
recommended! comes in both fw and usb