Soundcloud (account deleted)

But you didn’t write it. That main riff is clearly The Trooper by Iron Maiden. The remix is your work but the music you based it on isn’t. The copyright holder of the original work can & will block things they feel it infringes upon their rights.

Edit. Don’t know if that’s why they keep deleting your track, but it’s a possibility.

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Had a similar problem on Soundcloud. In one of my own made tracks i used a kick drum from a well known sample pack. I got a warning, if i don’t dele this track they will suspend my account.They claimed this kick was stolen from another track. But it was not true. I explained, that this kick was from a sample pack i purchased and this pack also is used by thousands of other people. I showed them which sample pack an the site from where it was purchased. After some discussions they understood and apologized.

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Iron Maiden didn’t write a gameboy version of The Trooper, don’t be purposely dense.

I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt.

As I said, you own the copyright to your gameboy remix. That’s your performance of Iron Maiden’s song. But you did not write those melodies / riffs your remix is based on. Those were written by Iron Maiden. You do not own the copyright to The Trooper. Iron Maiden, or whoever owns the copyright, owns that melody you’re using. So unless you have a license granting you permission to use that copyrighted material you are not actually allowed to publish this track. Or any copyrighted material, actually.

Don’t take my word for it. Educate yourself.


Honestly they probably just have an automated removal algorithm going on there. Just name it something else and it probably won’t get deleted, as I doubt the actual copyright holder is going to care if you cover a song like this on a streaming service.

I’ve had similar stuff happen on Redbubble, if you plug some IP anywhere (even if it’s not exactly related, but you’re using the tags in an advantageous manner) they’ll similarly take it down and warn you about reuploading. Just food for thought

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