SoundCloud changes

Really liking Audius, the community is already huge!

IMO it’s just time to wait, I’m not sure Soundcloud will keep this new change on at the end. Sure that if a lot of user run away, the previous rules will go back, or a most similar one.

The sc premium membership you get cheaper until 16.12. for one year.

hey thank you very much the bros that followed me on audius if you guys want lets create a thread for audius so we can all follow each other

eat me already has like 7 tunes its hard to keep up :sweat_smile:

But… audius doesn’t support comments.

yeah but its gonna come at some point they just recently added hidden/private tracks to share and in the discord you can request for features and talk to the developer Alex

anyways anything is better than soundcloud with its million bots

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Hm, ok, but the UI also is not that nice so far, very sluggish and slow loading. I think I wouldn’t enjoy it. I signed up now at audiomack.

Meh it doesn’t accept my uploads heheh. Maybe because 48kHz? Upload doesn’t work with Safari.

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I’m only starting to look at the “developers” page, but reading “Customize the UI” and “Create Your Own Visualizer” I’m already totally onboard for making a thread about Audius, this sounds sweet. Though the name “Audius” reminds me of this :smiley:

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Maybe still is the best. I only do not like the domain name :laughing:

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Ah… this is a significant point.

Seems also quite dead. Audius is slow and why I cannot log in on the first page?

I think soundcloud is still the best. Why not paying a bit?

Well, what I hate about the SC premium, that it leads into dependency. Once you have more tracks (now even more limited), and you switch back to free, your whole account is somehow ruined. I don’t like this concept, also I actually find it too expensive for what I get in return. Just my 2 cents. You can feel that there are now “business” people leading it, having weird ideas about how to make money, just like Apple.

If they added more value to premium instead limiting free, I would agree. This actually is the second time soundcloud reduced the capabilities. Like all their developers already have died and now they want to get out the maximum of this outdated, ironed structure.

Actually I hate soundcloud.


I also think that would be better. Around 6 euros/month seems rational after all for a convenient service and rather fast on various systems.

But of course it’s an unexpected additional cost.

In fact I’m also not a big fan about all free-to-use online service, user is becoming the product with this (like with facebook wich sell all personnal datas for commercial…).

Email from soundcloud:

What does this even mean?

Wtf? Is it good, is it bad, does it even matter?

Mabye they are changing on Tuesday???


Blog link:

The backlash was harsher than they were expecting and so they backpedaled on it.

Reminds me of the changes that Patreon announced in 2017 that they soon reverted due to backlash.

Edit: And if I can put on my PR hat, I’m guessing they put in the wording of “on Monday” because otherwise it could be interpreted as “we’re never changing upload limits” which would undoubtedly be a lie. Who knows, they may try this same thing next year just to see if the temperature has changed :stuck_out_tongue:


So, did it already recently change, but now a further step won’t be done, or doesn’t it change at all?

The announcement of an upcoming change came 3 days ago. The upcoming change was scheduled for Monday the 9th. That’s now cancelled so things will remain, for now, as they were for the past I-don’t-know-how-long.

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Good to know they listened but they need to do better with the pro plan they already have.