Soundcloud ?

anyone with soundcloud follow me etc, so i can hear what everyone on here is up to

cheers .x … Enjoy =D

Here is mine :

My corner:

You will have to be a detective to discover mine. 0_0

Here’s mine:

Oh, go on then :)



Some eclectic music, downtempo, cut & paste, “industrial-space”.The first song “Hassan I Sabbah” is were Im going now, more space, little percussion.

(… new stuff coming soon)


I see that you are from Argentina and your song name is “Hassan I Sabbah”. How do you know him/his story?

Follow me and I’ll follow you.


I follow all of you but only one person on this topic follow me…

Missed me. :D

Right now I got some mixtapes on it… But tracks are coming soon, working on one right now!

Go to for awesomeness. :P