Soundemote Prettyscope in Renoise

I don’t promote too much in the way of VST/AU plugins around here, as I’m pretty much a Renoise ONLY within Renoise kinda guy. BUT!

Soundemote Prettyscope

It’s an audio visualizer that does a Lissajous-styled audio visualization. Plug it in, press play. It’ll pump to your music right away. It’s more than that, though. It can be automated via envelope. So, you can rotate your visual patterns (gotta edit the XML file - go talk to them about it), or have the lines and dots expand and contract. I use the LFOs as S&H style randomizers. So, it’s picking up and pumping with the transients, while giving you a generative visualization that’s really pretty to look at and can be as colorful or minimalist as you design it to be. Love it!

I used the song I posted here the other day, “Wavy” and updated the visuals to work with it via Prettyscope. Much better visuals.

I get a crash here and there, but it might be because I’m modulating the living hell out of it with LFOs. I’m able to save whatever I’ve done. You’ll have to edit the XML file a bit to automate some parameters via LFO, and you’re gonna have to read the manual a bit and watch the video on the webpage. Join the Discord server if you need more info.

@taktik I have had crashes when closing the plugin’s window, and have sent log files to you via the Renoise contact form.

It’s the plugin which crashes here. Unfortunately not much I can do here as I can’t see what’s going on in the plugin. Could you please report that to the plugin authors?

Absolutely! Thank you for taking a look at the logs :slightly_smiling_face: