Soundevotion Compo

Round 10 of the Soundevotion Competition has officially begun. :guitar:

SDCompo is a monthly module tracking competition. The competition proceeds in rounds with 3 weeks of tracking followed by 1 week of voting. A samplepack is provided at the start of each round which can contain sound samples, VST instruments, etc. For information on how you can enter SDCompo, visit

Round 10 is open to entry submission by multiple formats including Renoise (.RNS), Modplug/IT/FT2 (.IT, .XM, .S3M, .MOD), Psycle (.PSY), Skale (.SKM), Buzz (.BMX, .BMW), MadTracker (.MT2). Just create your login to download the samplepack and begin tracking your song!
Get inspired by tracking with a samplepack in a compo environment. Give and receive valuable feedback and comments from peers on the entries.
Entry deadline for Round 10 is November 20th, 00:00 *CST (GMT -6) - Central Standard Time. :walkman:

Congratulations to the winners of round 9! :drummer:
1st Place: Groovyone - Tears Of Balanor
2nd Place: Hideki - Road to Satori
3rd Place: Dj io - Chandrasekhar Limit :yeah:

Damn, I’d join up if you were allowing XRNS. I shall be patient.

The very moment a demo for 1.8 is released we will accept 1.8 at SDCompo! :)
(ie: if a 1.5 entry is started and 1.8 demo is released, you can move your 1.5 entry to 1.8 and enter it.)

Hehe I know what you are saying. No point in having a serious compo with a currently unstable format. In good time you’ll get some excellent results!

Actually the only reason it’s not allowed yet is for unregistered users to be able to participate. If us (cool) registered users all use .XRNS then unregistered users wouldn’t be able to open the tracks for viewing. Once the 1.8 demo is out then unregistered users can use the demo to participate so we can all view the entries. :D

no backwards compatibility.
cmon dolin, you should come on and participate. 1.52 isn’t THAT outdated, is it? we’d love to have your style in the competition.

hopefully i’ll see you after 1.8 final :D

Help mummy! They’re picking on me!!11 :eek:

If I get some time I’ll submit the weirdness.

Well Round 10 tracking has finished and the result are some fantastic Renoise modules!

Swing by and grab the vote pack for some great examples of Renoise tracking. Create a login and let others know what you thought of their entries or even compete in the next tracking round!

Great job to everyone who entered round 10 and good luck in the voting!

Damn I should have entered the songs I had been working on with the sample pack. Could have been a nice juxtaposition to the predominant old school melodies going on. Don’t mind that speedcore one, has me fascinated.

If you allow xrns in the future will you allow audio recorded sounds?

Probably not unless it was a special theme or something. That would probably be considered an ‘outside’ sample. The samplepack kind of unifies the compo by putting everyone is on the same page with sounds. There have been suggestions like allowing 1 sample of your own choice or something like that which we might try some time though. You can suggest ideas in the forums and we’ll certainly consider them.

We want to allow .xrns as soon as possible so the moment a demo is available, .xrns will be allowed.

This next round we are considering allowing external samples relating to the round’s theme.
Discussion Link.

Round 11 of the Soundevotion Competition has officially begun.

This round features a theme: The Beatles Remixed! Your entry must be a cover of any song by The Beatles and can be in any style. You can also sample original Beatles material or your own vocals if you like. :w00t:

Come join the tracking or just download the modules and listen. :walkman:

Entry deadline for Round 11 is December 19th, 00:00 *CST (GMT -6) - *Central Standard Time.

Congratulations to the winners of round 10!
1st Place: Knetter - Sunset
2nd Place tie: Hideki - Sugoroku
2nd Place tie: Aged / Sonicade (coop) - Lullaby for the unloved
3rd Place: RobWilliamsJnr - Disconnected

The Soundevotion Competition :yeah:

Whoa there, nelly. Considering the rather lawsuit-happy crowd at apple records and sony, this is probably a really bad idea, and risky at best, especially for any musician planning on having any revenue from their (other) works.

And yes, Virginia, they seem to be at least moderately aware of the internets tubes too. Hell, they even went after that guy who made The Beachles, that noise beatles/beach boys mashup a while back.

They also sued a 73-year old harmonica-player in Tokyo for playing Beatles covers in a bar without paying Sony the arbitrarily imagined feudal taxes. You show’em who’s the boss, sony!

They really like retroactive lawsuits too, once an artist shows up on the “i actually have fans” radar, they start digging, and if there’s something uncleared they strike like feces-covered vampire vultures with laser sights.

So yeah, this might not be a good idea for the aspiring and ambitious indie musician.

Oh, and secondarily, if you’d like to stand up for independent music, strongly consider boycotting anything beatles, EMI, Sony or UMG. This would be my strongest disapproval with this compo, btw. I wouldn’t want to do anything that could potentially benefit those vultures in any way - including exposing people to music or samples from their catalogue. My tracks may be shit, but the owner of the Bea*les catalogue sure as hell don’t deserve my time, effort or minute talent. :)

It’s a damned shame we, as artists, need even think about these things. That’s the saddest part of all.

Damn, now I got myself all gloomy and shit. I’ll have to go cheer myself up by melting some k-fed singles.

I do appreciate the punk/protest/graffiti/dissent factor though, so what the hell… Just be safe®, go ninja, use a fake name that won’t trace back to you, and release it only through freenet or by taping CDRs to lamp posts. :ph34r:


Damn! i really like the beatles circa 1969-1974.

its such a shame that sony is the all powerful OZ…
lets hope the ps3 flops! they will bleed like a stuck pig!

i wouldnt mind making a tune using everything from 1969-1974, but geez that would take me soo long!

The competition is 100% free and we are prepared to cooperate with any copyright holders requests at a moments notice. There are no plans to ‘release’ any of the tracks in any way that remotely resembles a profit. Users can decide for themselves if they want to pursue releasing their own entries. Regarding legal trouble, I personally wouldn’t be worth the legal fees to even begin litigation.

Choice: I do hope you can join us, there are 3 weekends until the deadline. Everyone has a different composing pace but the time limit, samplepack and community are all inspiring factors to lay down a sweet track before the deadline.

Bantai: Some interesting history on The Beatles catalog.

The Beatles have written some really great songs and have a huge catalog. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun to make and listen to tracked covers of these songs. :walkman:

That’s all cool and all, and it used to be enough to have sufficient ass-coverage.

However, if you’re putting the tracks up for download (even for free), that constitutes illegal distribution in the eyes of these people.

Please do note, in the recent Beachles horror story, there was no “cease-and-desist” communication first, which I assume is what you’re hoping for as far as cooperation goes. Mr Counts got no such opportunity, just an immediate threat and demands to hand over ip logs. Super nasty.

Just thought you should know.


Will round 12 be originals?

Yes we’ll do a standard original entries for round 12.

Soundevotion Competition: Round 12 has begun.

This round will be accepting original entries.
The samplepack features two VSTi and a collection of drum samples.

We will be accepting the new Renoise .XRNS format in this round! :w00t:

Entry deadline for Round 12 is January 22nd, 00:00 *CST (GMT -6) - *Central Standard Time.

Congratulations to the winners of round 11!
1st Place: Sonicade - The Beatles - Because
2nd Place: Overthruster - tax tax tax tax tax tax tax
3rd Place: JustinCredible - Lady Madonna - The Just Incredible Psychoactive Mix

The Soundevotion Competition :yeah:

Soundevotion Competition: Round 13 has begun.

This round’s samplepack contains purely samples.

As usual we are accepting the new Renoise .XRNS format in this round!

Entry deadline for Round 13 is February 21st, 00:00 *CST (GMT -6) - *Central Standard Time.

Congratulations to the winners of round 12!
1st Place : Knetter - Deep River
2nd Place : Mick Rippon - In the Context of the Universe
3rd Place : Dj io - Inflection Point

The Soundevotion Competition :guitar:

Soundevotion Competition: Round 14 has begun.

This round will be accepting original entries.

Entry deadline for Round 14 is March 28th, 00:00 *CST (GMT -6) - *Central Standard Time.

Congratulations to the winners of round 13!
1st Place : Ruth Linde - Platform Game
2nd Place : PLOVA - Tester
3rd Place : Harmony - Kender

The Soundevotion Competition