Soundfont sf2 sfz help!

I’m very new to Renoise but familiar with DAWs in general, I’ve been using Ableton for over 5 yrs now. I have discovered a few resources for SNES soundfonts, and I’m very excited!! :dribble: . My issue however is that when I import an .SF2 file, Renoise sees it as one giant sample and it would take days to manually chop and retrieve the samples within each .SF2. I have a soundfont player that does extract the samples from the .SF2 and converts them as .SFZ files. However, Renoise doesn’t seem to understand the .SFZ file type. When imported, every .SFZ file, regardless of original tone, turns into a noisey squarewave that sounds horrible. I’ve tried downloading tools that claim to help, but seeing as I’m on a 64 bit windows 8 machine, half the tools a download fail to install correctly(idk why seeing as you simply just drag and drop into Renoise.) What am I doing wrong? Any useful advice would be a godsend at this point. I’ve done my fair share of forum and google searching and I haven’t found much of any info on this subject. I posted this same question under another forum topic, the closest I could find to my problem, sorry if that’s frowned upon or something. I’ll try to delete it if so. Thanks for any and all help!

Renoise does not support SF2 and SFZ files by default like other programs support by default.
There is a tool that allows you import of .SFZ files, it yet isn’t perfect either, but a good start in the right direction.
It works for Renoise 2.8, but has not yet been updated to work with 3.0

I would use a good plugin like Sforzando, which is free.

Thanks for the fast reply. I saw where you tried to hep someone with a similar problem, you seem really helpful! I think I installed the tool correctly however I don’t see it in my tools drop down box. Does it have a separate window like most other tools, or is it just supposed to work upon starting Renoise? This is the message I get every time I attempt to import SFZ

" Roaming\Renoise\V2.8.2\Scripts\Tools\com.mxb.FileFormats.xrnx\main.lua’ failed in one of its notifiers.
The notifier will be disabled to prevent further errors. "

I get that soundfonts are kinda old school but I’m sure a good number of producers still use them, and some of the features in Renoise seem rather arbitrary in comparison to soundfont support, at least to me and I don’t even use soundfonts very often. I think Renoise is really cool and I’m not bashing it, I just hope v3 makes this a little more bearable some how. (even though it seems kinda pointless after all this time, would have made more since to include in v1 or v2.)

I guess I’ll just save up and buy sampler for Ableton, as I believe it supports sf2/sfz.

I have sforzando but I can really only use it for standalone. I have trouble getting vst(.dll) to work AT ALL on a Windows 8 laptop

Hmm is your VST folder in programs folder? Windows 8 doesn’t like that if it is. Try relocating your VST folder if that’s the casd.

I moved my VSTs and reinstalled sforzando and it seems to work now, good thing there’s a 64 bit version. Thanks for your help!

Cool, be sure to post your snes tracks when you finish them, I love that shit. I have a soundcloud friend, Earthexe, that does “16-bit” style, and I think it’s a cool under-explored sound. He doesn’t use snes soundfonts, he has some special sound library he uses that actually imo has more of a GBA sound than snes. Anyways, the world needs more snes style music imo, even if it WAS just sample based.

Cool I really like his style! I’m gonna have to look into GBA and other 16bit sounds. I’ll be sure to post some tracks soon. Maxo is pretty well known but if you haven’t heard his Level Music you should check it out. He uses mostly 16bit samples and it’s really amazing! I really like Level E.