Soundforge fade out envelope

Hi dudes,the renoise fade out options are really lacking,in particular the inability to control the shape of the fade out,yes you got logarithmic and all that but what would be much more helpful would be the type of fade outs edits you can achieve in soundforge,where the shape of the fade out is superimposed on the selected area before you apply it giving you a clear vision and more options of the kind of fade out you wish to achieve.I cant use photoshop or anything like that so i can’t give an example but anyone who uses soundforge or any other wave editors would know what I’m talking about.

Actually at 1 min 20 in this video is exactly what im talking about

I feel your pain. There have been many times I wished for asmoothvolume S-curve over several patterns but I could not see how to do it easily.

For fading out songs I’ve now given up doing that in Renoise and I instead import the final wave into Reap where I do some liimiting/maximizingand add the nice song-end fade envelope.

I have to export stuff too,its a pain in the face