Sounding Board Launched "golden Ear" Award

Finally, Sounding Board announces the Golden Ear of the Season Compo!

What is it:
Since the second debut in January 1st 2004, we’ve been reviewing quite a lot of tracks we’d like to award. Therefore, we regard all the tracks we reviewed since then and put our heads together.

We do not only find out the best three tracks here but also award tracks for special remarkable qualities such as: best composition, best production, best arrangements, uniqueness, extraordinary idiological content, best overall feel and of course the reference track we’ll award with our socalled Golden Ear

The advantage:
This way, awards of qualities do not totally depend on high general scores but on the strengths of each track.

The compo will take place every new season of a year.
For now, the deadline of the compo is April 30th 2004.
Until then, you’ve still got the opportunity to get your track into consideration by submitting it for a review.

More info: Sounding Board