Sounding Board Revived

(It-Alien) #1

I post here this email form Iwellius because we need some promotions for this niche music site.

Don’t take this as a mass music site, rather as a place where different and raffinate music get most of attention.

Do you still remember Sounding Board?
Well, it went down in July 2003 due to the fact that moved to another server and unfortunately erased all the content of Sounding Board in this process.

Rushowr tried to build up the site again but couldn’t really start off due to lack of time. Finally, in November he handed out the sourcecode to me and I put my head into several php books in order to get the site working again.
So finally, after 6 months of inactivity, I took the site to a new server on which I own enough sql-webspace and built up the site again, gave it a new design and a domain which should be easy to remember.
Additionally, 95% of the former reviews could be rescued and are online as well as your accounts are still valid.
If you forgot your password, you can receive it again via e-mail.

I could fortunately gather a team of former participants to get help with reviews, moderation or php-support: Rushowr, IT-Alien, Homesick Alien, Xylyx, Mark Crouch and Vizion.

Of course, your help is greatly appreciated if you’d like to become a reviewer on Sounding Board.
In this case, please drop an email to

So, happy new year to all of you, I hope to see you all back on Sounding Board!

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