Soundplant 26 turns the computer keyboard into a customizable sound triggering device and realtime digital audio performance tool. It can assign wav & aif sounds of unlimited size (registered version also loads mp3 files) onto 72 keyboard keys via a drag-and-drop, point-and-click interface. It is used for live music creation, sound design, radio, podcasting, presentations, theater, as a drum pad, as a DJ tool… More info & screenshots at the what is Soundplant? page.

–New Win & Mac betas (update January 2009) now available exclusively to Soundplant mailing list subscribers! Join the list here and help test the next generation of Soundplant!

heres a link


Hey Hoooo,

after your macaw-stuff post now the next great info B)


(after hearing the -empire of sun- album i will give it a deeper try) :)

It’s like Renoise with ugly GUI, without sequencer, decent effects stack and most other features. :P

well theres new betas out,but to get it you need to join the mailing list(i havent done that yet)but i think its really a interesting program

a new beta will be coming in about 2 weeks,the DEV marcel is also working on a new interface,that looks ALOT better me thinks :D

I was just gonna say “Doesn’t Renoise do this already?”

new beta out

Droon uses soundplant live…

yeah i knew Droon used it live

the ver 2 beta is actually very nice :drummer: