Soup Dos

New work in progress. Worth spending more time on? What do you think? width=100% height=81[/embed]

I like it, it has a nice groove going on.

Maybe add a little something in the intro to “brighten” it. A sound effect in the back ground or a little extra pop in the percussion, kind of a theme on the shaker that comes in later.

It seems like it could use a bridge somewhere, as there’s a certain amount of repetition in the melody, Maybe that’s what you’re going for but it doesn’t seem to “resolve” itself to me.

Nice tune though, I found my self bobbing my head whilst listening

Well done

Thanks for the feedback :)

Yeah, I agree. Need to make it more interesting soundwise, and also more variation, it gets kind of boring now. More details, fx etc. Agree about the melody too, I wasn’t really going for repetitiveness (is that a word?) no… :P Think I’ll try some automation on the main theme, but I’m planning to mix it up with some other synths maybe
Thinking maybe from 5:10 would be a good time to switch it up a little at least

liked the groove… overall vibe was pretty sexy. repetitive ? well… its techno after all… i thought it could use some more drums… (hats/perc/fills) etc. yeah sexy groove. keep working on it :] it worth it imo.