Space Bar Stops working

New to Renoise here…anyone know why my space bar stops working when i’m playing an instrument…especially if it has fx/verb whatever and has a tail…almost like the sound has to fall below a certain threshold before i can then start the pattern or song

must be something noobish or obvious i’m doing wrong

Probably not completely related to what is happening to yourself dmucky, but I hope you don’t mind me just posting here something I noticed myself with the space bar (this is assuming you have as Renoise default that space starts/stop play of the pattern.)

I’ve attached just a simple file with just two instruments. Instrument 0 is just a kick with no looping and Instrument 1 is just a basic sample with looping. If you select instrument 0 and hold say the ‘Q’ key to play it, then keeping your finger held on the ‘Q’ key you hit the space bar to play the pattern…it plays the pattern. Now try the same thing with instrument 1 (the looping sample). With the held ‘Q’ key and the sample looping, hit the space bar. Here Renoise just stops playing the sample (you then have to hit the space again to get Renoise to start playing the pattern.) Don’t know if that is a design decision in some way. Just mentioning it as that catches me out sometimes, don’t know if that has any bearing on your question dmucky :slight_smile: