Space Brain Wildmachine

This is my remix of one of my favourite chiptunes I heard on the Amiga.
I don’t know who made it or where it comes from, but it’s very nice.


very nice… I’ve never owned Amiga, but I owned ZX-Spectrum with AY8912 chip and hardware *.mod player. I started my own musicmaking from remixing and learning the other’s stuff. I heard some really masterpieces chiptunes. I still got some ideas to recreate some of them.

Interesting. What was this gadget named? I was a Speccy user since 83 :)

hehe, i had a software mod player on my zx spectrum :)

I have Russian Speccy clone ZS-Scorpion and General Sound 512k card which I bought somewhere in 1997. The software for the GS was damn raw and buggy, so, it so quite pain to make some music. Some stuff you can read/download here.


The stuff is amazing to put it mildly. I remember I coded my own samplingprogram and a replayer for it, and that was the best I came up with ZX :wink: Good job

Nice chipsound and fresh melody. The hihat is sometimes cut which makes the beat a bit chopped. The rest is fine.

that’s the power of 4 channel Protracker on Amiga :)