Spam :d

Decided to try and start a business this year. Ready to start advertising.

Special Offer: Half price service for all registered Renoise users!

Please let me know what you think, and if there are any bugs in different browsers I haven’t noticed. Lots of people will give me credibility or not based on the site… Never mind that IT support is completely different >_<

I started to teach myself html 3 days ago ^_^

(oh yeah, and I’m still working on a graphic for up top and centre…)

sorry for the spam :D

2 small things:

If you use images for links, give them alt/title tags.

I’d make “Computer pains? Call us right now!” the same style/size as “Services include, but are not limited to”, and put a blank line before “Software Installation”.

Well, you did sparkle my curiosity now

yeah I’m re-breaking it to fix it betterer :D

cool :D patience then

okie dokie.

It now is much more browser friendly. (a friend pointed out a few bugs with “Internet Explorer” use. Considering I’m mainly trying to market the “mums and dads”, theres probably going to be more IE users than not…)

(also edited back in up top)

Hehehe, nice! Good luck! :)

hmm I’m trying to make more modifications of the site… and the google results are scaring me…

I want to have that page set with a margin of 50 pixels either side of each border, or better yet, a margin of 20% of the page either side of each border…

I can find plenty of stuff telling me what to do if the text and picture content is centred, but not where I have “absolute” anchored borders and pictures, and boxes containing text aligned to the edges of the page…
Can anyone point me in the right direction? Damn I hate website development :(

Using an external stylesheet intead of inline styles is highly recommended.
Also, how come you’re using absolute positioning for everything?

I’m biased, but I suggest do the entire thing on Wordpress. Lots of help about for that stuff and easy to use.

External style sheet is certainly the case as from what I’ve researched it seems to make page load times alot better.

I’m an I.T. guy not a website dev. I’m, sure you know how many worlds apart these two things are! ;)

Any tutorials you would want to point me towards? I’m not afraid of learning, just can’t seem to find the information I’m looking for. You can sort of see what I want there, just that I want this to be centred.

Tried aligning the images to the side of the page but it seemed to break the text boxes on Internet Explorer, which is why I reverted to this… is a great resource. I recommend the XHTML + CSS route (it’s more proper. We like proper :))

Basically, what you want to do when you’re designing a web page in “text mode” is to create a logical structure with a logical flow that you then style with CSS.

something like

in rudimentary pseudo code.

The word press approach is quite nice if you’re in a hurry.