Sparrow Fantasy

This is a new song I did in renoise. It has some drum and bass elements, but the tempo is pretty low for that style. I also continued the experiment from my last track of using a my own voice as a sample. Its a small element, but its there nonetheless. Otherwise, I used disco dsp synth and some drum samples. All effects are native to renoise. I appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks

That bassy synthpad is running al throughout the 7.20 song length non-stop, imo it starts to grate quickly. Maybe an idea to leave it out for a while in the middle, create some kind of breakdown and re-shuffle the ‘melody’ and/or play it using another sound in an ending section. Also there isn’t any real bass in this track, something to add?

Thanks for the feedback. Good ideas to be sure. Also, as a side note, the track you posted under your feedback is awesome. Really intricate. I definitely plan to check out more of your music.

It is glorious as it is, keep it just like this.