Spax_- Gunshot

Hey, this is my first sort-of-finished tune made on a computer (apart from one that I dead for a DD competition here) I’d love some feedback for it if you have the time. I feel it’s a bit repetitive but I’ve been fiddling for the last few hours on it to no avail and just thought ‘screw it, I’ll put it on soundcloud because I’ll never stop pissing about’. So yeah, a bit of constructive criticism and I might make another mixdown with a few additions.


hey man, there are some positive things I think you’ve understood well some good tricks to beatslice and make a good drumtrack first, with the right tempo.
after that your track needs a bit of something else,
let’s say that it probably needs 2 different bassline riffs, and one or two good breaks (approximatively 2 seconds)
concerning voice samples (example the sample “gunshot”), in this style, you need to tweak it a lot and constantly otherwise it’ll be too repetitive
there are typical fx in this style you can try for example, some echo delay ?

Definitely what I was thinking, I’m still at the stage where I’m finding it hard to make what’s in my head come out of the speakers. Cheers man.



Shameless self-improvement bump.

I don’t mean to keep pushing the point but 100 views and only one reply??

Anyone got any tips on how to track better?

listen to this all day long and this one too

and start tracking again.

I enjoyed your track and listened to it 5 times but it realy needs more edits.


Thanks man, The Destroyer is one of my favorite albums.

More edits, taken on board.