Speakers Distorts

i have just got a StudioRTA Creation Station,so now i got room to get my small skytronic pa speakers connected and use them for reference,they are connected to a NAD stereo amplifier 3240PE and thats connected to my soundcard

the problem is when i open up renoise and play a track im working on,its like the speakers distorts alot
and it sounds like shit

i havent used the skytronics in a really long time

is there anything i can do,or should check??

How does it sound when you play other audio than Renoise?

Otherwise… The standard procedure to check I guess is:

  • Check the Resistance (Ohm) on both amplifier and speakers. They should be the same or audible artefacts can occur.

  • Check that the cables are connected Left Out to Left In and Right Out to Right In, If they are connected Left Out to Right In (or vice verca) weird audible artefacts can occur.

p.a. speakers for reference?

Are you sure?

probable the ohm difference.

both the speakers and amplifier is 8 ohm,i managed to nearly fix this,by moving the amplifier away from the speakers,so now it doesent distort that much.i also think it has something to do with the thin cables the speakers are connected with(im still waiting for new ones to arrive)

but its quite funny,what used to sound good,in my headphones sounds all muddy on the speakers

You blew your speakers by playing something too loud perhaps?

i have got it sorted,i had layed the speakers down on their sides(because that looks cooler hehe)but now i have placed then so they "standup"but i also think it will help on the sound when i get proper cables

It sounds like one of your problems is that you made the music using headphones. I’m a begginner and most of the music I’ve made was on headphones. Problem is, everything sounds good and crisp on headphones and once you move it to speakers of any kind they pick out most of the eq and compression etc problems. This is a real pain for me cos i have loads of loops that i made that could have sounded great but now they sound like old tapes burried and buggered by a lunatic marshmallow somewhere in south Roscommon. Use phones late at night when you don’t want to wake anyone up, and even then only for rhythms and possibly stereoplay for your own enjoyment.
I hope you have all of your original music files still, not just useless rendered wav like i do :(

yes i think i will need to do some "re-mixing"of my tracks,lucky enough i have almost everyone of my tracks original saved as projects

there’s nothing wrong with making music with headphones…
Make sure you got a decent one ( no 20 dollar crap ) like a sennheiser hd650 and cross check your mixes
on a cheap ass stereo …if it sounds ok on the stereo …you’re there …