Special Key To Force Select Mode

Hi Renoise team,
I’m having a hard time to select columns by mouse. Instead of selecting a piece of pattern, 9 times out of 10 it is dragging the point of mousedown.
What I like to have, is (like many other windows programs) a special key (like ctrl) that forces the mousedown into the select modus. Since selecting by mouse is very powerfull it must be more easy to get into the select modus.

Thanks in advantage!

– Knetter

this should solve your problem:

Edit => Preferences => GUI => Delayed Drag’n’Drop

Yes that will do, but I think it could be done more properly, since that delay is not very ‘userfriendly’ nor effective (in time).
Why not making the drag 'n drop action the standard for mousedowned moving when the click point is on a selection (like word, firefox: first selecting than drag’n’dropping). The key-hold down can be used to force the (re-)selecting mode for mousedown.