Special Ohc Request!

Hey guys!

I want to make a OHC today or tmrw and here’s the concept:

a friend of mine needs music for his small game, here’s a link to the twitter he made explaining the game:


The game is about a vegetarian barbarian who doesn’t want people to eat animals… so he kills them.

That means that if you want to participate you have to be willing to let them use the track in their small game.

They are looking for chiptune… Let’s make it open, you can do whatever you want but they are mostly interested in chip tune music.

They need loops… something like a 20-30s loop…

They need some menu themes, boss themes, normal music, etc…

The whole thing was made in a rush, so I guess they expect music that was made in a hurry, hence the OHC idea…

So here is my suggestion: We make some OHC or you can just submit tunes in this thread. The two guys making the game will choose music either from our entries or I’ve been told they might have another friend who makes music but I think we can do better, am I right?.. So they will pick whatever they want… they pick the winners in a way…

Your prize is to have your song and proper credit in the game!

Two ways we can do this, we make some OHC today or tmrw in #renoise or you just send your tracks here.

I know this is hella sketchy, but if you feel like tracking a small loop in renoise just for fun and have it in a game, this is your chance!

im gonna post something for this here tommorow


I think it’s better to have this open as a little compo with no set time…

I already made a few songs it’s fun!

That’s exactly what I’m doing.

Make me a few 20s loops kaneel!

btw what quality should this be?

heres a little something


im new to this whole dropbox,so if you cant DL it let me know

I’ve been told it has to be chiptune because the whole feel of their game has to be cheapo in a way… they made the game in 1 week and that’s the feel they want… you can do whatever you want, have fun… the worse will be that your loop won’t fit in their game.

Oh so you are eroticore hehe… I like your stuff…

I like that song too… but… is it me or it sounds like low quality (not referring to the 8bit feel)

Also, does it loop?


i think the low quality is the effect i used in renoise

will upload a updated version later this evening

ive made so much chiptune in my life so i could easily do this!

Woaa it’s been a while, I think they found their music already, gotta talk to the guy, he knows about this forum so he probably downloaded the uploaded songs that were posted here…

I’ll update (in terms of “I don’t need anything” or “I need more songs”) as soon as I talk to him… this compo was kind of a fail… but this was expected anyway since it will poorly improvised.

damn i forgot all about this,i just got my launchpad set up the wayi want,so have just spent time jamming,and didnt work on some of the music i would have this weekend :(

great idea