"Special" Play

Hi guys… I remember reading something about a new sample play that allow us to continue to read in in the middle if we stopped there. I mean… we don’t have to start a long sample from the beguinning if we’re using one.

I don’t really know how to ask this better… does anyone understand what I’m asking and can help me?

I just can’t find that button or whatever makes that work


and by they way… hope you guys are alright, I’ve been away for a while

That’s called “autoseek” and you can find the button in the sample properties of the instrument settings for the particular sample

Sounds like you’re looking for Autoseek:

Thanks a lot! As soon as I get home I’ll try it. That looks really amazing, I’m using a long sample to create chaos and I don’t want to use pro tools


it not only looks amazing, it IS amazing! :) made me smile to see someone go out of his way to try and explain a thing he does not know the exact name for, and you did a pretty good job too, i understood immediately.
good luck with it!

hehehe thanks :)

Oh my… I don’t have words to describe how good this feat. is

Thank you again for your help and for this awesome software, I love it more and more and I’ve been using trackers for 18 years now, this is the Top of the cream. I really know what I’m talking about hehe