Special Waves modular controller

Just to help to spread info on their absolute clever controller.

Mine is designed for those DJs, producers, and musicians who are looking for a highly customizable, expandable and reconfigurable product. Mine is a modular midi controller consisting of a case suitable for accommodating modules made of single electronic interfaces in order to offer the maximum flexibility in the creation of its configuration. Solutions available on the market today don’t always fulfill the user’s needs.


I’m not related to this company at all, just proud that its an Italian company :slight_smile:

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The concept of Mine seems brutal to me. There are only two things that I do not like. The appearance (it does not look modern but something outdated, it’s a subjective opinion), and the price high. As the concept of personalization is very good, I would not be surprised if there were other brands exploiting it. Does anyone know other cheaper ones?

With a more modern and current look and more competitive prices this should be sold very well. Do you bring infinite spin knobs for relative MIDI values? The knobs that light up seem not to be.

You’re right, price it’s so high, I’ll see how to market reply to this.
About rotary encoder; seem infinite or endless…

Endless rotary encoder with pushbutton switch and led ring indicator
This module consists of an encoder and a series of 13 LEDs placed around the encoder. This module works best for assigning multiple parameters to the same encoder and switching between the assignments with the push button allowing for multiple controls with one component. When switching assignments the LEDs provide immediate feedback for the position or percentage of the encoder being selected. The encoder can also function as a single button by using it’s push function.