Specify Autobackup Directory

I’m sugesting this because my songs directory has become a disorganized mess with all these backup songs. It would be nice to relocate the backup directory to another location, ideally an alternate physical drive.

I second and third that, very much.

yeh this would be nice

Yeah, I am also tired of a full HDD with started songs. I guess, if they all go in ONE directory, it’s easier to delete them ;)

don’t see the problem - directories will be created for every song … that’s ok … I can’t see the difference between delete directories or single files ;)

but maybe the labeling of these directories and the labeling of the backup’s should be changed (on the files: date and time in addition to the filename)

for the dir’s:

Backup -> #RNSbackup

for the filenames:

-> _

There is an option where it lets you enter a value for number of back-ups kept. Is that not this?

Or do you mean an absolute total, rather than a total for each song?

oh … i haven’t all Renoise features in mind … ok ;)

nevertheless … it’s worth to think about the labeling …

for me, I have several directories for my musics now, one for the beats, one for the house-stuff, one for some of the experiments and unfinished tracks, one directory for every remix I do, several directories I have for the different people I work with … so it really gets cluttered with all those backups and there is no easy way to simply delete all of them. but I guess alot of people dont see the need for that.
maybe make it an option to put all the backups in one dir, this would be really nice.