Spectrum analyser improvements

I think someone or myself already suggested this before, but as it wasn’t updated in v1.2 I would still like to see an improved spectrum analyser. Definitely a frequency scale on the horizontal axis, as well as starting at 0Hz on the left hand side instead of around 200Hz. And a vertical dB scale maybe?

Yes, i agree. And i hope to see thicker bands, cause now it looks like “un-professional”. Maybe 2 or 4 times thicker than it is now.

Thicker!?! I want them thinner. I’d love 1 pixel thin bands.

What do you mean by un-professional? I would think thinner bands -> more resolution -> more professional.

ok, lets make it an option then :)

Ok! Just take a look for example Wavelab’s 60 bands spectrum meter. I mean something like that.

Yeah, sounds good. Thanks! :)