Spectrum View Suggestion

First impressions of Renoise 1.5: :huh: :o :D :lol:

I like it how the Spectrum View is greatly improved, and especially how it has a detailed logarithmic scale. Would be nice to be able to change it to a standard view as well though to a give a more detailed view of the mid to high frequencies. Only a minor issue, but still it would be nice.

To be honest, I’m not finding the new RTA very much use at all - I’d recommend everyone download the free one on Voxengo’s site - It’s superb…

I prefered the old style bars myself, with the slower release time…

I’m finding the high top-end quite exhadurated on the current graph thing, and the low end releases/updates too fast to make any sense.

The current RTA looks like something from Tetsuo or Pi or something - I’m sure it would induce insanity if you stared at it for too long.

Would it be possible to have it go up till 22K or is there some hidden feature to set it so you can view frequencies higher than 16k?