Speed 256?

  • make “speed” go up to 256
  • increase resolution of related commands (DXX, EXX etc.)
  • make BPM go up to at least(!) 9999
  • make the GUI responsiveness unrelated to the song speed

… or would this just be a quick fix of instead of a better solution? Discuss :)

wow wow woooow, i don’t get it, speed 01 is way fast and 256 is ultra slow? why would you make that?
I suggest getting the speed setting near the wanted speed and finish it with the right bpm.
I mostly use 142 bpm with speed 03 (fast enough for me @ 128 notes in a pattern).

The resolution, yes, i strongly agree,
i posted in various topics suggestions like a second effect column that extends the effect.
So 09xx xxxx becomes an 09 command with 6 digits.

I never had problems with the GUI responsiveness,
but maybe that belongs to your first issue (speeds like 256? woooow :rolleyes: )

for example, to be able to delay note with 1/256th precision (humanizing anyone??)… obviously the effect parameter resolution would also have to be increased for that to work.

an re: ultra slow, that’s why I also suggested the “BPM” (which isn’t really bpm, you know, “the other speed”) going WAY up, so it wouldn’t really be slow anymore.

Well, now that I think of it, it probably would be very taxing on the CPU, but that’s a risk I would be willing to take…

gee i never looked at the “speed” this way :)
Now im gonna experiment with your tips.

If you want the BPM up i don’t see the exact use of having speed 256.
Having speed set to 1 gives you full resolution as well if you multiply your bpm 256 times.

Regardless of your choice you can obtain a precision of something like 16ppq max with the algorithms currently used in Renoise.
Now those are the routines that need a change for better and higher precision.

I often use Speed 16 to get maximum resolution (0-F) for note delays in the panning column…

Seems like more than enough precision to get a nice swing on percussive stuff without using the global shuffle settings… Try it.

Example: http://www.datadesigner.net/mp3dump/science_funk.mp3