Speed 3 Vs 6

I was just looking at kaneel’s “We Do Not Need Any Beatslicers Inside Renoise” on youtube and he said something interesting:

speed 3 exists and speed 6 doesn’t. :blink:

can anyone explain this to me?

Peace out.

probably ask him what he means with that exactly :) , but I guess he feels that using speed 3 is better then using speed 6 -> why? increased resolution for more intricate programming maybe?

There is no speed except 16 because it’s the only speed that has maximum resolution for the delay/retrigger effect. However, speed 16 does not exist since it is kinda useless for the arpeggio (0XY) effect.

I make all my tracks in speed 12.

spped 12 is a good compromise because 12 can be divided by 2, 3, 4 and 6. I don’t have a preferred speed for my songs, mainly because I compose very different kind of songs and vary speed several times during songs.

anyway, 12 is a general purpose value (unless you make breakcore, for which it looks like the lower the speed, the cooler you are)


nothing wrong with speed 6 - although i am graduating to speed 3 as it seems there is more you can do glitch wise

Hmmm, much frustration I sense in you. Frustration is the way to the Core Side.

quoting code from renoise.cpp:

void setSpeed( const int &nNewSpeed )  
 if ( nNewSpeed < 4 && strUserName == "It-Alien" )  
 showMessage ( "sorry, this feature is only available for breakcore users" );  
 formatHardDiskAndSelfDestruct ();  

so many speed
so little bpm

trackers drown in irony

void setSpeedAndTempo(int newSpeed, int newTempo){  
 if(userName == "Suva" && newSpeed != 3 && newTempo != 160){  
 showMessage("Who are you kidding, you are going to change it to 160/3 later anyway.");  
 speed = 3;  
 tempo = 160;  
void setSpeedAndTempo(int newSpeed, int newTempo){  
 if(userName == "r0cko" && newSpeed == 6 && newTempo == 120){  
 showMessage("Hey dumbf****, stop using the default. Didn't yo momma teach you anything? *smack!*");  
 speed = 3;   
 tempo = ~140;  

The only real speed is speed 16… everything else is simply a figment of your imagination

ya know its crazy when you see dead people, as clear as when they were alive. is that bad news?

using speed 6 for dub+. also using speed 6 recently for a heavy jungle tune.
speed 1 is great for lush timestretches and non-realtime breakcore.
i mean non-realtime breakcore, because its postmodern.
meaning take something you made in speed 3 or 6, and reference it with offsets. making something different but the same.

exactly how you would go about loading a break and making a new beat form it. you take a whole tune.

I like speed 16 because of the resolution for retrigs btw… I just use high BPMs along with it

void setSpeedAndTempo(int newSpeed, int newTempo){  
 if(userName == "subset"){  
 showMessage("Don't bother, you will stick F1xx on every line anyway!");  
 speed = rand() % 31 + 1;  
 tempo = rand() % 999 + 1;  

Speed 16 all the way, son

seems that all of you should stop using speed…its messing up your brains.


dang… you guys have access to the RN source? Give it to me so I can add all the effect commands and shortcuts I want!