Speed And Bpm

The speed and ticks concepts confuse me. I’m not a math nor a logic person, so don’t bother. I’ve read the wiki sections regarding that matter and I’ve decided that I can live and make music without a full understanding of the difference between tick based and time based sequencers. B)

BUT I’d like to know two things :

  • Does speed 06 + bpm 128 really equals 128 BPM?
  • Is it possible to input more precise BPM values like, say, 160.32 BPM?


The next edition-release of Renoise will support exact match user-bpm.
1.5x won’t have this feature.
Some bpm rates in 1.5 matches equal supplied rates just because the tick error quantasion calculation comes with a clean bpm rate for those rates.

Just wait until after summer. (just a guess btw, no promises made!)



Euh, what do you mean exactly by that? It’s getting too technical I fear… :lol:

the thing about tickspeed an bpm is this:

ticks are used for timing, so if you have a tick of 6
then each Pattern Line ticks 6 times Before moving to the next Pattern Line.

So, when you have a speed 1 you do get the Absolute Maximum of Pattern Resolution, since it is ticking only once per pattern line.

If you make something at speed 6
and play it at speed 1
it will sound like it is playing very fast,
but it is not, because it is only playing 1 tick per pattern line.

BPM is your actual bpm. (only atm we cant control the remainder(0.123))

“how many ticks per pattern”?