Speed And Bpm?

can anyone fill me in as to why it was implemented this way? and also is speed one 200bpm actually 200 bpm? (this an extra as i can check myself in the morning).


“Speed” is the ticks per line (how about renaming this to TPL ???), BPM isn’t really bpm, it’s how many lines per (?) are played (In “song settings” you can see the real bpm)

Why not just one setting? Well… tradition :D But also makes sense, for example at speed (TPL) 8, effects like volume or pitch slide will have twice the effect than on speed (TPL) 4.

Speed 4: 120
Speed 8: 110
Speed 16: 108

all will result in the same pitch, because

0x20 * 4 = 0x80
0x10 * 8 = 0x80
0x08 * 16 = 0x80

But it could use some clearer terminology for sure… I’d suggest
“speed” -> “ticks per line”
“bpm” -> “speed”

And maybe to display real BPM in the tooltips for both settings, or at the top, next to play time and CPU consumption?

this is a good place where to start reading…

speed 12 sounds like it should be the best as u get a triplet/straight feel out of it. most people seem to be on speed 3 or something (just triplets?) maybe it can be to to quick to tell on the faster bpms…

i suppose in the absence of a continuous (ish) pattern one must implement something like this.fair enough. cheers.

It depends… if you want to have a specific command applied on 6 notes in the same short measure, this goes better with speed 1 than when it is set to 6.