Speed That Moves..

ok so Iam total new on trackers and thought I would download some of the already written renoise songs from this site, in alot of songs I can see the “speed” just under BPM move while the track is playing, why and how do you make it move… is it for beat mixing like dj´s do?!


I have looked under automation but can seem to find “speed”…

It’s not done through automation, but with effect commands. See the tutorial on commands:


For speed they are:
f0xx - Set BPM (20 - ff)
f1xx - Set songspeed (01–14, 00 = stop song)

Look in the songs you had and you’ll see how it works. You can also press return to play just one line in the pattern editor and examine how the speed changes for that specific line.

cool…thanx alot

another stupid ?, what does the xx in f0xx, does it mean no onte?

i better try read the manual once more…this program is to big to learn by f****ing around… maby i schould not smoke the joint the say in the begning of it!!

xx means “put some value”.

all values are hexadecimal, then xx means "any hexadecimal value between 00 and FF (i.e.: 0 and 255 in decimal)

…and yes, you should not smoke :)

nice…tanx again…

I hope the speed command will be improves so values over 255 bpm can be achieved! someday :)

when somebody decides to change hex we’ll see it… :lol:

:) well this could be solved rather easy by bending the rules, why not just add a new command G… which 0 hex value is mapped to start at 256 bpm etc.

Or F200 to F2FF, come on programmers you can think of something!