Speed Up Renoise (Asus Eee Pc)?

So I just had a concert a few days ago but my netbook kept on screwing up (Used too much CPU) with my songs beforehand so I had to use my friend’s laptop.

I use a ASUS Eee PC 1005HA with 1gb RAM {Win7}
I’ve been looking in to getting 2gb ram, but one of my friends told me about readyboost.
I set up readyboost using up 4gb of my flash drive
It makes absolutely no difference and my computer still can’t run the dubstep sample song on renoise.
Do you need to activate readyboost somewhere or does it not work with renoise?

I’ve also taken off heaps of graphical effects and stuff (I’m on the windows classic theme with no background)

So does anyone know any other ways of speeding up renoise? I tried increasing the latency and that seemed to work a bit, but then it kind of defeats the purpose of playing live.

The problem is that you just need a faster computer. The readyboost is no magic powder that makes your computer faster. It only optimizes the speed for HDD operations, which renoise does none while the song is loaded.

Only solution to your problem is to reduce the number of effects and sounds on the track or just get a better computer. It’s not neccesarily the speed per se, it’s also related to the processor architecture. Netbooks usually have Atom processors which are really bad for audio production. Not sure why exactly, but they perform a lot worse than other processors of the same frequency.

I agree with Suva, the problem is the speed of your computer, and there’s no magic way to make it faster.

That said, I lost my computer in the middle of rpm2010, so I ended up mixing the album on my wife’s eee900 without any problem. Maybe it’s because 1) I use almost entirely renoise native effects or 2) because the eee900 was running (arch) linux or a combination of 1) and 2). So try to cut back on your effects, and replace them with native ones…

Wicked I got some more ram for my netbook and the dubstep demo song runs perfectly when i put the sample rate to the lowest and It sounds fine.