Speedcomp: 10 samples / 30 minutes

Great, thanks! Aiming to participate :slight_smile:

here’s my entry, lol

darkpsy breakcore. 10 samples from FFF, 30 minutes :metal:

I’ll link video once it’s uploaded. my renoise audio wasn’t routed properly for the first 6 or 7 minutes, but I get it sorted out


Here is my entry. This was fun!


Sweet track!!

I’m both surprised and impressed that despite the horrible clipping the samples you’ve managed to make your track sound distinctly like a Zensphere track. Especially in just 30 minutes. Gonna check out your video to learn more on how you did that.

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Dude, yours is great! Different vibe altogether. And yes, totally agree, this was a fun challenge. I feel like if it was an hour the track quality would increase a lot. As it was, I had hardly any time for arrangement.
Looking forward to the next!

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Thanks man! I realized I wouldn’t have much time for sound design so I just leaned into the fucking trash sound. :joy:

Think I should do more of this kind of thing. Think I’ll create some of these sounds from scratch. Then give myself a tight deadline to make a track with it. Maybe not quite 30 minutes but an hour or so to get something that sounds complete.

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Speedcomp 51 coming up Friday the 17th of March 2023 with sample pack by Killjoy.
FB Event here Speedcomp 51 (Samples By Killjoy) or participate via
Friday 7:30pm (AEST) 17/03/23 - Download the sample pack of 10 samples posted on the Facebook event page and the breakcore.com.au forum, make a track only using the 10 samples in the pack in around 30 minutes and send it to speedcompentry@gmail.com or post a downloadable Soundcloud link of your track on the event page(s).
A recording of all the entries will happen the following day so you have around 24 hours to find a spare 30 minutes to make a track. Podcasts of all entries (including last round) documented on the Speedcomp Soundcloud page. No over-thinks, no excuses, just thirty minutes, submit under a dodgy pseudonym if you must, not serious, just speedcomp.

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Yes, that was fun last time around, I’m in!

Hmmmm… Might be fun to take the breakcore samples and make some really chilled out ambient this time around :thinking:

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Here is my entry to Speedcomp 51. Selected a few of the samples, added a bunch of SoundToys effects with crude automation on top of the simple idea of the pattern should be climbing in pitch and that’s the track.

I also put it on YouTube. I didn’t actually hit record when I started to make the tune so it’s just a play through. But I tried showing what I’ve done, incase anyone is interested.

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We’ve got til tomorrow to submit, right?

Wait, I thought the samples don’t even go live for another 2 hours…

RU time bandit? :thinking:

not sure if I missed the window, but had a stab at this… and I did in fact make some ambient out of breakcore :upside_down_face:

there’s video too, I’ll upload when it’s published