Speedcore Tutorial (after 20 years of shitty music I had to make a shi

(rotello) #1

OK i know most of you don’t even consider speedcore a music genre, but if Aphex Twin plays it, it means it is something.

Second I also know there are hundreds of better producers, better trackers, better sound engeenering, better whatever, but still no one speak about speedcore and its mindset.

I am confident that f you are curious you will enjoy it (if you can bear my broken english)

and I bet that indipendently to the music style the concept of track as whole / climax vs drop / synaesthesia will ring some bells to you, too

40 minutes long, 10 with music an 30 with my english (geez it really got rusty)


Takeaways from the video:

00:00 short intro

01:00 Listen to Rotello - RotPsycho100 (version 0.2 ) with AMV on it so you can get the feeling of my desired output

04:00 Loading v 03… is it an improvement or not?

04:30 - 13 minutes of Boring speech about the samplez i used (you can skip this :slight_smile:

17:00 - overlap same loop with two different chain of effect to get a cool mechanical groove

19:40 - using the reverse crah to build up a little tension

20:10 - Release vs Climax vs Drop - they are NOT synonymous

21:30 - visualizing the anime and translate it into sound.

22:45 - why I used the same base with (almost) no trick filtering

24:10 - why you can break more patterning rules with speedcore (if you know why you are doing it)

27:50 - silencing part gives more breath to the one remaining

28:15 - trading the order for the groove.

29:00 - claps to fix, too much stuff

31:00 - how much chilling should be the breakdown…

31:30 - waiting a couple of days and Test it on the dancefloor

32:20 - short bridge/breakdown to reflec the brutality of anime

33:10 - how to make a odd pattern (360 lines) to reflect the anime

34:35 - if base goes much faster, you can slow down the noise to step up a little much but not too much

35:50 - some NOT ideas on how I will close the track

36:00 - half speed is a good way to plateau at middle way, if you really want to build.

38:00 in the next video we will go deeper with basses

38:50 - spending time to create the base or to pattern a track?



edit: added the takeaways timetable

(Jealousy) #2

great to see some good speedcore in renoise :slight_smile:

i really like the track so far. relentless beating!

track10 almost sounds like a scream, well done!

will watch the second part too.

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greetz Rob

(Psynapsex) #3

Thank you

(jrod420) #4

I really like it! Thx for sharing!!!

(rotello) #5

Hey guys i did part II

and if someone is interested to listen to “final” version of this, the track will be out in two days (Friday the 12th) on Noisekick record 34.