Speedcore Tutorial (after 20 years of shitty music I had to make a shi

OK i know most of you don’t even consider speedcore a music genre, but if Aphex Twin plays it, it means it is something.

Second I also know there are hundreds of better producers, better trackers, better sound engeenering, better whatever, but still no one speak about speedcore and its mindset.

I am confident that f you are curious you will enjoy it (if you can bear my broken english)

and I bet that indipendently to the music style the concept of track as whole / climax vs drop / synaesthesia will ring some bells to you, too

40 minutes long, 10 with music an 30 with my english (geez it really got rusty)


Takeaways from the video:

00:00 short intro

01:00 Listen to Rotello - RotPsycho100 (version 0.2 ) with AMV on it so you can get the feeling of my desired output

04:00 Loading v 03… is it an improvement or not?

04:30 - 13 minutes of Boring speech about the samplez i used (you can skip this :slight_smile:

17:00 - overlap same loop with two different chain of effect to get a cool mechanical groove

19:40 - using the reverse crah to build up a little tension

20:10 - Release vs Climax vs Drop - they are NOT synonymous

21:30 - visualizing the anime and translate it into sound.

22:45 - why I used the same base with (almost) no trick filtering

24:10 - why you can break more patterning rules with speedcore (if you know why you are doing it)

27:50 - silencing part gives more breath to the one remaining

28:15 - trading the order for the groove.

29:00 - claps to fix, too much stuff

31:00 - how much chilling should be the breakdown…

31:30 - waiting a couple of days and Test it on the dancefloor

32:20 - short bridge/breakdown to reflec the brutality of anime

33:10 - how to make a odd pattern (360 lines) to reflect the anime

34:35 - if base goes much faster, you can slow down the noise to step up a little much but not too much

35:50 - some NOT ideas on how I will close the track

36:00 - half speed is a good way to plateau at middle way, if you really want to build.

38:00 in the next video we will go deeper with basses

38:50 - spending time to create the base or to pattern a track?



edit: added the takeaways timetable


great to see some good speedcore in renoise :slight_smile:

i really like the track so far. relentless beating!

track10 almost sounds like a scream, well done!

will watch the second part too.

check my stuff on


greetz Rob

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Thank you

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I really like it! Thx for sharing!!!

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Hey guys i did part II

and if someone is interested to listen to “final” version of this, the track will be out in two days (Friday the 12th) on Noisekick record 34.

Ciao Rotello,

It would be amazing to hear a modern version of your awesome A.E.I.O.U cover updated in Renoise.

Grazie Mille!

Hey Jek,
Thanks for the message! i appreciate that people remember track as old as my aeiou cover (released in 97!!!)
AND to say the truth, I did a “2015 fix” but i lost it in a HD crash, along with other stuff. :frowning: :frowning:
if i find my over AEIOU cover i can try to make a 2020 fix.
let’s see.

Don’t hold your breath

man, i ve found two OLD harddisk
maybe i ll find something!


I’ve still got a copy of one of the versions; and a few others as well, like “Rise” which was also fantastic!
Could send or post here if that helps.

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YES man! sent it please! sending you a PM

Your english speaking accent look like italian moto GP riders

Just sent a bunch of your awesome early modules. Enjoying listening to them again! = )

loool. but they earn millions, i don’t… where is the ca$h?

ps I appreaciated that i don’t sound like super mario :slight_smile:

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Thanks man, i ve reply with a little present for you. I liste
ned to them: they were NOT so bad :slight_smile:

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