Spelling Error In Docs

– See renoise.PatternSequencer for more info
-> [read-only, renoise.PatternSequencer object]

spelling error in docs: rrenoise

there are even more to be found! keep looking! :)

Obviously I’m quite bad at this, not only because English is not my first language.
So if anyone is annoyed by spelling errors in the docs or just wants to help, it would be great if you could help me out here.

is the documentation in Renoise always the latest version? in other words, when reading the documentation through the editor-thingy, am i reading offline or online documents? or do i have to check the documentation online to find the latest version? i’m asking to determine that i will not be making corrections to an already corrected file.

Hey rhowaldt, this url is always the “latest version.”

Reload it tomorrow, files may change.

Have fun.

@conner_bw: thanks! that’ll definitely be a lot of fun!