Spicing Up Instruments?

So I got a bunch of pads and various instruments that sound good in their own rights, but I don’t feel comfortable using them straight out of the box, as it feels kinda cheap to do so.
What I usually end up doing is tuning them down and applying various effects.
Any other nifty little things that can be done to change them up a bit?

Thanks in advance.

Make an interesting figure, record it, make that a new instrument. Repeat.

Don’t think I understand what you mean. Could you elaborate?

If you just use those samples and someone elses techniques you’d still not be using your own style :P

Vital parts of my brain aesploded after you revealed the paradox here. :lol:
I might have used the wrong term, but by samples I mean just sounds, not prewritten melodies or anything like that.

This was what I cam here to write + a few other things. :D

Great, now I’m craving for spiced food <_<


Ontopic: don’t forget the FX column!!

  • 09XX can turn any sample into something completely different.
  • 01XX and 02XX can add various flavours, from simple octave drops, to tremolos
  • 0FXX is insta-flavour, its power is sometimes tricky, but applied correctly and it brings life to the dullest sines.
  • 0B00 a simple reverse, in combination with other flavours, can give great inspirational insights, do not underestimate it!

Shit, that didn’t even cross my mind. Thanks, bot!