Spiral .. No Clue How Ppl Call That Type Of Music :p

-> spiral (rD)

-> direct

basicly a very simple song, no big ups or downs. another “i tootle my arse off” ;)
didn’t use any loops here though, all sample based.

hope you enjoy it ;)


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arghhhhh. had just written a lot, and managed to close the tab. comment gone.

Short version:

Great! I would call this neo-folk. (the kind I like)

What kind of samples have you used? I can’t believe there’s many one-shots here, it’s sounds way to “live”.
Not a big fan of songs starting over, though, so if you’d just let the parts flow into eachother instead of pausing, I would like it even more. And it ended too soon.

By the way: Ever heard this band: Dernière Volonté?

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heheh yea happens to me too :P

… neo-folk sounds good lol

… yea … the samples are basicly just samples, what i do is always to make it not sound like “electronic”. taking loads of samples, not worring bout maximum number of voices and adding lots of “randomness” into it like random ± pitch every note … cutoff, sample start etc etc. … adding dirt at the end. lots of subtile stuff like that, stuff you basicly dont “hear” gives life into it.

but thats my other problem on that … putting lots of work into the soundscape and not into arranging it in a proper way … on the other side im realy just tootling and never getting it into a real shape where i could say its finished… just like all my other tracks lol.

i just stop at some point … gonna add more patterns on that one for sure though :) thanks mate!

… eh … no i havn’t heard bout them. i usualy try to stay away from france bands, they’re too weird to me ;)

sounds like irish, it fits quite good to my irish coffee atm :D

having a cup too ;) … uploaded another version if you downloaded rC, its rD

ah btw : http://kinoma.t00ltime.de/index.php?mr=tracks&usecss=0