Spire VST won't render properly

Hi, I’ve written a few simple tracks using the new VST from Reveal Sound, called Spire, but when rendering, it drops out regularly throughout the tracks, whether I’m rendering in offline mode or real time mode. Has anybody else had this problem? It plays fine when I’m using Renoise, it’s only when I come to render that I find it’s missing notes (a LOT of notes!)

Have you tried toggling off the PDC in the preferences? Or change the static buffering? (i doubt the latter seems the problem)
What if you render in 44Khz 16 bit and lowest interpolation mode? I doubt a brand new VST plugin would not support over 48Khz and 16 bit, but just to be sure the plugin supports rates higher than that and specially doesn’t choke on interpolation tricks like Arguru’s Sinc.

Hi vV, I’ve tried turning off PDC, I’ve changed from Arguru’s sinc to Cubic when rendering, I’ve changed from offline to realtime rendering, but I still have the same problem - I have a bassline in one track using Spire, and then a duplicate of it in the next track using a different patch in Spire. The second track doesn’t play its notes until it’s about halfway through each pattern, I presume it must be some sort of bug in Spire, as I’ve never had this happen with any other VSTs.
Sometimes when I start playing a track that uses Spire, Spire doesn’t play the preset properly, and it sounds different, so I have to stop and start it again, then it plays the preset correctly - and in those instances it sounds like the attack portion of the preset is missing, hard to describe, maybe as if it think it’s receiving a lower velocity note than it actually is (I use my PC keyboard so all the notes should presumably be at the highest volume).
For the moment I record directly into Audacity, it’s not as if the quality will be ruined anyway.

Try disabling the “auto suspend” in instrument settings.

I also noticed a problem with Spire. I had a preset in spire for a lead with a bandbass filter on it. Playing the whole song in Renoise all worked fine. The filter stayed half way closed how it should be played. But in the renered song file, when one pattern changes to the next one, the first played note in the very first line of the new played pattern gets completley filtered down and all other following notes are playing then normal again with filter half way down. I noticed that in this preset the filter cutoff was controlled by velocity strength in the mod matrix. If i deactivate the velocity in the matrix, the problem doesn’t occur. All notes were played with full velocity strength. Maybe this is a bug in Spire. Or maybe it could be a bug in Renoise, when the new pattern starts, that the velocity of the played note in the very first line goes to 0 for a very short moment.