Split a wav. to fit pattern length?

So I do love renoise but one issue is that if I have a for example song wav or mp3 I have to carefully split it up to make it " fit " to my patterns or, not be able to hear it during editing further down in the song. So my question is… is there an EASY way to split a wav file up based on the length of my patterns? So I can just put a new marker at the start of each pattern for the song to continue?

It would be a lot easier if it was just song but this one has some instruments in it as well.

Suggestions? :smiley:

Hi, I think you need to toggle the «autoseek» button on your sample in order to make renoise able to start the playblack in the middle of the sample when needed ! (you can find this button in the bottom left panel of the sample screen)

With this option, you don’t need to split samples.

ps: when I say sample, it’s related to renoise, but I’m aware that this sample might have a 3 minutes duration and not a oneshot sample :wink:


one idea:
if you have 4 bars pattern - you can easily cut sample to that lenght by setting ruler to beats, and snap to beats…
Screenshot 2022-03-02 at 14.12.34
Screenshot 2022-03-02 at 14.12.41

but i second @zbouboutchi’s comment - use autoseek if you do not need to cut sample except to be able to hear it


Oh deer god! You are a lifesaver!! That is PERFECT!

Thank you very much!

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