Split & Merge Patterns?


I miss the ability to merge & split patterns(at least i’ve not found a smooth way to do it).
Let’s say i have a pattern that is 128 rows long, i’d like to split that to 4 patterns that are 32 or 2 patterns that are 64 rows long. As far as i can see there’s no wasy way to do this or?
This is where a ‘split pattern’ feature would come pretty handy.

Same goes for ‘merge’. select a few patterns in the sequencer and ‘merge’ them into one single pattern. Merge would come pretty handy, create a few short patterns(say 16 or 32 rows) with say drum loops/variations. arrange the patterns into longer loops using the sequencer, make them unique, then select the patterns in the sequencer and use the ‘merge’ feature to get one pattern with the loop.

Too much useage of regular seuqencers makes me think this way…

It’s an old thread I know but has this been implemented in 1.5?

no it hasn’t.

It would be handy indeed.

The fastest way to work around this would be using
1] LCTRL+A to select the whole pattern content
2] LALT+F3 to cut the content of the pattern
3] remove the pattern frm the order list
4] move to the destination pattern
5] increase its length by the size of the source pattern
6] user LALT+F5 to paste the stuff


It was suggested by many years ago. However when I think of it now. In order for merge to work well, there should be no limit on how long a pattern can be.

However, with long patterns there would be need for a zoom in the automation window.

Then there is allways the problem that curved automation would probably be altered if you split a pattern.

Ofcourse you can probably calculate how to put in new automation points to keep the curve looking the same, I would not know how to do that though.

Another thing, when you use the merge, you might want to keep the old patterns, so a merge and keep source would be good.

Well I don’t see this as a big thing but in the future it would ofcourse be nice.

Some of the other things, like make unique has been implemented though…

The thing is that I have a song that has standard 64 fields but I want to work in 128 with the same speed settings. The song contains about 70 patterns so it would be a pain to this merge this by hand like IT-alien demonstrated above…

really needed by myself too … would be great

Just bumping this thread because I was about to suggest it myself.

I think having pattern merge and pattern split options could be very useful.

That’s all :)

Has Pattern Merge / Split been implemented yet? If so, how is it done?

Merge is called join. Look here: http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Pattern_Sequencer

Split is a tool. Look here: http://tools.renoise.com/tools/pattern-split

And here: http://tools.renoise.com/tools/split-separate-tracks

Thanks Conner_Bw for the speedy reply. I actually searched through the PDF manual for the work “join” and didn’t find it because it only appears in a screenshot.