Split note columns into seperate tracks?

Is there a way (perhaps with a script?) that I can split a multiple note column track into seperate tracks with duplicated VST instances?

For example, lets say that I have 5 note columns using a string ensemble VST. Bad planning on my part, but I would now like to split the 5 note columns into seperate tracks. This will allow me to individually pan all of the strings across the field.

I used to make the same mistake when editing drums too - I would have one instance of EZDrummer in one track but now I’m a bit wiser and I split kick, snare and hi-hats into 3 tracks.

This case seems very specific. But it is possible with a single-function script. For example:

  1. Check that the selected track is a sequence type.
  2. Check the number of note columns that are visible.
  3. Create a group that contains the same number of tracks.
  4. Through iteration, copy all the content of each note column into the first note columns of each new track.

The result will appear on the right of the selected track. The function would be accessible from the drop-down menu, within the pattern editor.

This would be reasonable for each pattern-track. If it’s the whole track, it could be a very heavy function. We are talking about up to 1000 patterns with up to 512 lines along the entire track. It would be necessary to check the performance in the worst case.

See tools. I think it was “split into separate tracks” and “voice runner”

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The “split into separate tracks” tool of the @fladd I think it’s an excellent tool. However, in long processes it stops continuously (every 10 seconds). It has implemented the progress from 0 to 100%, but it needs to be polished.
Another detail that could have is to detect if the original track is empty. If it’s empty, do not do anything.

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